Real Mexican Flavour

Our Story


It Started With..

  • A love of food
  • A Mexican Holiday
  • A Crazy Idea

Back in 2012, Fergus, our founder and self-confessed foodie went on holiday to Oaxaca in Southern Mexico. This small Spanish colonial town is brimming with fantastic architecture, lively art and of course amazing Mexican food.
As I’m sure you can well imagine the holiday was amazing.
On returning home to London, Fergus was pretty disappointed that all the amazing food and flavours he had tried were hard if not impossible to find. 
He decided to do something about it. 


For Fergus, the flavour that stuck most in his mind was deep smoky flavour which he had discovered in all sorts of food and drink over in Oaxaca.
Six months later, after oodles of internet research and another trip to Mexico, Fergus tracked down the Pasilla Oaxaca chilli.

This special smoked chilli was only found in this region of Mexico. What made it so special was its strong smoky flavour and medium heat which Fergus thought was a fantastic combination. 

Fergus decided to use this chilli as a core ingredients for the first Gran Luchito products and with a little bit of help from local Mexican Chefs and a dollop of luck, Gran Luchito was born. 


“My aim was to create a recipe so good that it would become known and loved. I knew this would be very hard, but armed with all the fantastic Oaxacan ingredients I had found, I knew I was off to a good start.”

As a trained chef and lover of food,  Fergus was determined to make the best quality product possible. No short cuts, no horrible artificial ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. Just traditional recipes and cooking techniques with the best quality ingredients. This belief in what food should (and shouldn’t be) is today at the core of everything we do. 

Our Product Promises

Today Gran Luchito’s mission is to bring real Mexican food to as many people as possible. Currently we have a range of Mexican cooking ingredients, Mexican condiments and Mexican Salsas. 

Our range of authentic Mexican food products are made without compromise for the best quality and flavour. Using all natural ingredients, authentic Mexican recipes, traditional cooking techniques and absolutely zero preservatives or additives, every single jar of our Mexican Magic is made with the love you would expect from great homemade food.

Whether you’re looking to cook from scratch  or simply looking to bring some Mexican sunshine to your food. With Gran Luchito you can rest assured that you’re enjoying real food made with real Mexican flavour.

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