Nine Ways To Eat Chilli Con Carne

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What’s your favourite way to eat leftover chilli con carne?

Have you even got a favourite way to eat leftover chilli con carne?
Everyone loves a bit of rice, but variety is the spice of life and spice is what we’re all about here at Gran Luchito. So we’ve put together a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box. If there’s one thing Gran Luchito Chipotle Chilli Paste works well in, it’s a chilli con carne. So if you haven’t tried it, add some to your next batch and taste the difference for yourself. If you need a recipe, here’s ours.

Once you’ve mastered the nine ideas below we recommend you turn your attention to our other culinary guides including 9 Easy New Ways To Serve Meatballs.

So go on, feast your eyes below and click to discover the ideas in full.

1. Chilli Cheese Dogs

Chilli Dogs Are A Classic American Dish That We Knew Would Work Really Well Given The Gran Luchito Treatment. We Used Our Chipotle Chilli Paste To Make A Rich Smoky Chilli Con Carne And Spooned It Onto Meaty Toulouse Sausages In A Bun Topped With Grated Mature Cheddar. One For The Meat-Lovers For Sure!

2. Chilli Stuffed Peppers

Red peppers work amazingly well with chilli con carne. Once you’ve made your chilli, mix it with some rice and spoon it into the peppers before sprinkling with a little cheese and baking.

3. Chilli Cheese Fries

Not much explanation or justification needed here. You can tell just by looking at it that chips are a worthy substitute for rice. This makes for a great sharing dish as well.

4. Chilli Bunny Chow(Bread Bowl)

Bunny chow is normally a curry served inside a hollowed out loaf, but we think chilli is perfect for it too. Whether you eat your bowl as you go along, or at the end is completely up to you. Either way, you get to eat your bowl.

5. Chilli Meat – Feast Pizza

We couldn’t think of any good reason why this wouldn’t be amazing.  Make your own pizza, or top a margarita with homemade chilli and extra cheese.


6. Chilli Empanadas (Posh Pasties)

Delicious crumbly pastry stuffed full of tasty chilli con carne. A great way to take your chilli to a picnic, and perfect for parties.

7. Chilli Con Cornbread

Chilli con carne is often eaten with cornbread in the southern states of USA and makes for a delicious alternative to rice. Serve it on the side in chunks or make a lid for your pot of chilli to keep it warm until you’re ready to serve. Our cornbread recipe has chunks of sweetcorn and caramelised onion for a bit of extra flavour and texture.

8. Chilli Con Carne Balls

When we made mac n cheese balls, they went down an absolute storm. So whilst brainstorming for our quest to bring you new ways to enjoy Gran Luchito con carne, we thought we’d see if these work. Work they do. Chilli con carne balls in a crust of crushed tortilla chips and fresh coriander. This is a great way to use up left-over chilli con carne.

9. Champion’s Chilli Breakfast

Another fantastic way to use up left-over chilli. Get yourself some tortilla wraps, eggs, guacamole and tomatoes and enjoy a breakfast/brunch that’ll set you up for the rest of day. The most important element here is to nail your fried egg to perfection.

Plenty More Where That Came From…

If that’s not enough chilli con carne for you, be sure to check out this great chilli inspired homemade burger recipe…

Have you tried any of these chilli con carne recipe ideas? If so we would love to know how you got on.


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