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Following on from our blog post ‘Nine Wicked Ways To Eat Chilli Con Carne‘ we’ve decided to explore some new and easy recipe ideas for meatballs. If you’re making the meatball recipes yourself make sure you add a healthy dollop of our Chipotle Chilli Paste into the mix.
It will add a warming smoky heat which will take your balls to another level. So sit back and enjoy our meaty creations and if you make any of em, please be sure to share your pics with us.


1.Meatball Pasta Bake

This is a pretty serious pasta bake. We’ve used our awesome spicy Mexican meatballs and thrown them in with a rich tomato and red pepper sauce marbled with a velvety mozzarella and parmesan white sauce to make something very special indeed.

2. Meatball Flatbreads

This tasty meatball recipe is great for entertaining. Just lay it all out, pile up the flatbreads and dig in. Full of amazing flavours and colours perfect for al fresco Summer eating, you could even cook the meatballs on the BBQ!

3. Meatball Mac n Cheese

Chances are you’re never likely to get bored of either mac n cheese or meatballs, but if that were to happen, here’s a tasty way to combine them for an amazing dinner-time treat. We used a little of our Chipotle Chilli Paste in both the meatballs and the cheese sauce giving a beautiful smoky flavour throughout the dish.

4. Mexican Meatballs

The secret to these delicious little meatballs, besides a healthy amount of our Chipotle Chilli Paste, is the milk-soaked breadcrumbs. They give them a beautifully light and fluffy texture and once you’ve had one you won’t be able to stop…luckily this recipe makes quite a few!

5. Cheese Stuffed Meatballs 

This is a genius meatball recipe idea. Stuffing the meatballs with Mozzarella, crusting them with parmesan cheese and deep frying them is such a treat!

This stuffed meatballs recipe could hardly be described as healthy but we assure you, they are mega tasty and make a perfect snack.

6. Meatball Cheese Slice

Deliciously smoky meatballs in puff pastry covered in gruyere cheese. These are best served hot so the cheese is all melty and gooey, but they work really well for picnics too

7. Meatball Queso Fundido

This is pretty indulgent, but you’ve got to treat yourself now and again. Smoky, spicy meatballs covered in oodles of melted cheese sprinkled with spring onions. We used lovely soft tortillas to scoop it up, but you could use tortilla chips or raw vegetables to dunk. Perfect for a party or to munch on in front of the TV. Go on, you deserve it!

8. Meatball Wraps

Don’t let the simplicity of this little idea make you think it’s not special. Fresh guacamole goes excellently well with the spicy meatballs. This would be a perfect way to use up leftover meatballs one weeknight. All you need to do is lay your hands on some nicely ripe avocados!

9. Meatball Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is always a winner and it works just as well with meatballs. A beautiful rich gravy spiced up with our Chipotle Chilli Paste and an extra hit of spice in the mashed potato with the addition of our Chipotle Chilli Mayo makes this one for the chilli lovers.

Have you tried any of these meatball recipes? If so we would love to know how you got on.


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