Our Guide To Sublime Cheese Toasties


We challenged the cheese toasties experts at The Cheese Truck to come up with some awesome ideas using our smoky Mexican delights. They certainly didn’t disappoint!

The inspiration to get in touch with The Cheese Truck crew came from an idea mentioned by Felicity Cloake in The Guardian…

“Top Tip: A Thin Layer Can Elevate A Simple Cheese Toastie To The Realm Of The Sublime.”

So, many thanks to Felicity for planting a glorious seed in our minds. However, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing  grilled cheese toasties from The Cheese Truck, you’ll know that they aren’t in the business of making ” simple cheese toasties “. Far from it. Not only do they source the finest cheese in the land, they also put it to great use in a selection of incredibly tasty and original ideas that we had a sneaky suspicion would work wonderfully well with our smoked chilli range.

So we sent them some samples and challenged them to come up with some awesome ideas. It wasn’t long before we were invited down to their regular weekend haunt at Maltby Street market (a place we know pretty well from our days trading there back in the day), to sample the fruits of their labour. We can’t really remember much about the day as it passed far too quickly in a whirlwind of gooey melted cheese, but luckily we took some photos.

So what did they come up with?

Well, to sum up, we were presented with two of the finest cheese toasties we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating…

The first was a pimped-up version of their ever-popular menu item of Queso Chihuahua Cheese, Spicy Chorizo & Rocket. We think you’ll agree that the description alone is enough to know that this little puppy would be a taste sensation. Throwing a healthy dollop of Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste into the mix certainly gave it that signature smoky sweet heat that we’re so proud of. In the words of Felicity, we were very happily entering the “realm of the sublime”.

Next up was a real treat. Word on the street previous to this glorious day of toastie tasting was that The Cheese Truck boys had made bacon jam with our Smoked Chilli Honey. We’re not quite sure if we would have been able to conceal our disappointment/rage had this been merely hearsay. Luckily our sources were good and second on the menu was Keen’s Cheddar & Smoked Chilli HoneyBacon Jam. To say we were excited would be the understatement of the century. Here’s what it looked like…

Massive thanks to Matthew and Alex from The Cheese Truck.


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