How to recover from spicy food


Spicy Food is what we’re all about here at Gran Luchito. There aren’t many things we won’t spice up given the chance. Unless you’re scoffing our smoked chilli paste by the spoonful though, you’re unlikely to require any of these remedies whilst enjoying the Gran Luchito range. After all, we’re less about all-out heat than we are about all-round flavour. However, when you do find yourself in need of extinguishing a spicy food oral inferno, it’s good to know what you should and shouldn’t be reaching for in the panic.

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How To Recover From Spicy Food

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1. Don’t Drink Water

If you’re looking to extend and spread the heat you’re experiencing, you should take a sip of water and swill it around your mouth. If it’s relief you’re after, leave this well alone.

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2. Milk Or Any Other Dairy

Dairy contains a protein called casein which dissolves the burn-inducing capsaicin molecules that bind to your tongue when eating chilli. Drink a cold glass of cow’s milk and be sure to wash it around your mouth before you swallow it.

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3. Alcohol

If you’re taking this attractive option, you’ll need to find something stronger than beer or wine, since they’re mainly made of water (see no. 1).

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4. Oil

Not the most appealing choice, but if it’s all you’ve got…Capsaicin is more soluble in oil than it is in water, meaning it will dissolve more easily. Wash a mouthful of vegetable oil around your mouth and spit it out. Or you can use something that’s high in oil content, such as peanut better. Much better.

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5. Rice, Bread & Other Starchy Foods

More of a sponge than a detergent this one. It won’t dissolve the pain-causing capsaicin molecules found in spicy food, but it will pick many of them up.

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6. Sugar

The Scoville heat scale, used to measure the heat of chillies, was originally conceived based on the amount of sugar water needed to dilute a given chilli. Stir a spoonful of sugar into a small glass of water. Or why not combine a few of the above and stir some honey into a White Russian.

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7. Classic Remedies/Old Wives Tales

Most of the weird and wonderful advice given to remedy the painful effects of eating chilli are based on the proven science outlined above.

Here are just a handful: Cucumber, touch the burn with a soft corn tortilla, ice cream, banana, tooth paste, lemon/lime juice, chocolate.


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