Nine Must Stock Pantry Essentials

Here at Gran Luchito we believe there’s nothing better then having a well stocked pantry. A cupboard full of delicious ingredients is absolutely key to cooking up some epic food. Here are our nine must stock pantry essentials that we would never be without.
Happy Cooking!

Fish Sauce


This South East Asian wonder ingredient is made using three simple ingredients. Anchovies, salt and water. Left for a long time to ferment in a tank, the result is a pungent fishy liquid.
Don’t let the smell put you off.. We promise that this must stock pantry item has the potential to make some many different dishes epic! We’ve used it in our marinated chicken wings recipe as well as our prawn stir fry

If you’re able to track it down we highly recommend Red Boat Fish Sauce.



Pickled Cucumbers have lots of different uses beyond just snacking. Throw them into salads, serve with cured meats or on top of an hamburger. American’s seem to do pickles the best and our top pick would be the McClure’s pickles from Detroit. 

If you have a cucumber in the fridge which is about to go off, our top tip would be to slice it up and throw it into your pickle jar for a never ending supply of pickles. 

 Truffle Oil


Truffle oil is a contemporary cooking ingredient used to add rich truffle flavour and aroma to dishes. The ultimate finishing oil! We love drizzling truffle oil onto our mince, salad, pasta and eggs but the possibilities are endless. We recommend Truffle Hunters black and white truffle oil , which has delicious flavour and beautiful rich scent.  If you are feeling indulgent why not try this with Chilli Anchovy Pasta or Chilli Stuffed Peppers 



Chipotle Paste

Our version of a chipotle paste is the delicious Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli paste. This paste is made from the Pasilla Oaxaca chilli which are lovingly grown in Oaxaca ( pronounced ‘Wahaca’) . Ground with Caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar and a dash of dark agave syrup, these Rare Chillies give Gran Luchito chilli paste its Knockout Flavour!



Daesang Sunchang Gochujang

This is a Korean miso paste which is a great addition to your fridge, this hot pepper has a strong pungent smell in its raw form. But add flavour to dishes without being overpowering. 




Herbs de Provence

Herbs de Provence is an important ingredient in every kitchen, combining a variety of mixed herbs. A great flavour enhancer creating aromas from out of this world! Use Herbs de Provence on soup, salads, beef, chicken and pork. 



Nut Butter

We are nuts about nut butters! Nut butters are a product which can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nut butters are also surprisingly nutritious, packed with potassium and Vitamins. 






The most popular way of using tahini is as a base to make delicious houmous, but this great little condiment isn’t just limited to houmous. Tahini works greats in many options from sides , salads, snacks and even sweets!  




Panko Breadcrumbs

Panko breadcrumbs are a pantry staple,  you can use them for a dishes savoury and sweet. They are much crunchier in texture that regular breadcrumbs. Our favourite way of using them is to bind together smoky chilli Mexican Meatballs.