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Nine Magic Hangover Food Ideas

The morning after the night before is always pretty harsh and theres no better way to shake off those blues and cure a hangover than with some grub.

We’ve had picked nine of our favourite recipe ideas that we’ve tried and tested and are guaranteed (along with a pint of water and paracetamol) to get you feeling ship shape in no time.

So pick yourself up and enjoy some Gran Luchito treatment with our nine magic hangover food ideas! 

Hangover Food Idea - Chilli Honey Bacon Waffles & Marshmallow

1. Bacon Waffles With Vanilla Marshmallows

Possibly the best hangover food ever! Using bacon in sweet breakfasts might seem strange to some, but it’s an idea that we’re very happy to get behind. The contrast of salt and sweet makes for a flavour explosion. We grilled the wonderful Mallow & Marsh vanilla marshmallows over griddled bacon piled on layers of sweet waffles and drizzled over our smoked chilli honey. There’s a lot going on here, but it works a treat! Of course, you can leave out the bacon if you’d prefer.

You’ll be rid of your hangover in no time!

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea -Spicy Potato & Chorizo Croquettes

2. Spicy Potato And Chorizo Croquettes

Make these croquettes in advanced and whip them out of the freeze when you’re in dire need for a hangover remedy.
These little deep fried balls of joy are enough to get anyone out of bed and back on their feet.
It’s two thumbs up for this hangover cure!

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea - Chilli Cheese Fries

3.Chilli Cheese Fries

This indulgent delight is a classic from over the pond. For hangover  food it ticks all the right boxes and hits all the right spots.  Guac and sour cream provide the perfect dips and we suggest some Smoked Chilli Honey Wings as the perfect accompaniment.

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea -Spicy Creole Chicken Casserole

4.Spicy Creole Chicken Casserole With Herby Mustard Dumplings

If you know your’e going out for a big one, make sure you make this in advance. It will be ready for you to reheat in the morning and to give you the courage to shake of the ‘fear’. 

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea -Baked Chilli Camembert

5. Chilli Baked Camembert

If you hit a hangover low and need a serious pick me up this simple remedy can be cooked up super quick and requires zero effort. With some of our Smoked Chilli Honey in it, this camembert has been proven to have hangover healing powers.

 It could maybe be served with some of our tear and share garlic bread that you might have in the freezer.

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea - Breakfast Chilaquiles

6.Breakfast Chilaquiles

We highly recommend that you train someone you live with how to make this. (super easy video to follow here). You can then lie in bed dying whilst this magical Mexican dish is cooked up for you.

The rich spicy tomato sauce, the crispy tortillas, the cheese toppings and fried eggs are all key hangover recovery food groups.  

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea - Spicy Bacon Sandwich

7.Spicy Bacon Sandwich

There’s a reason BLT is a classic. It tastes might fine. Coming in as Hangover food idea number seven, the quick and easy to make BLT jazzed up with some Smoked Chilli Ketchup.

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea - Mexican Rarebit

8.Mexican Rarebit on Toast

 This combination of flavours really is unbelievably tasty. Pre make em, pop em in the freezer and reheat them in minutes.
Hangover, cured! 

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

Hangover Food Idea - Meatball Queso Fundido

9.Meatball Queso Fundido

This will have you ship shape in no time. Smoky, spicy meatballs covered in oodles of melted cheese sprinkled with spring onions. We used lovely soft tortillas to scoop it up, but you could use tortilla chips or raw vegetables to dunk. 

Possibly the ultimate cure for a hangover. 

Gert The Hangover Food Cue!

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