Where Can I Find A Good Chipotle Paste


Where Can I Find A Good Chipotle Paste

The chipotle chilli is a smoked jalapeño chilli typically found in Mexican food.
However in recent years, thanks to their lovely smoky flavour, these Mexican chillies have become increasingly popular in lots of other cuisines. 

Traditionally in Mexico, chipotles are used in their whole form. They are either rehydrated and then minced or thrown into a dish whole. For the modern home cook this is quite a lot of work which is why its common to find chipotle in a paste format. 

Chipotle paste is an increasingly popular chefs ingredient and maybe surprisingly to some, a dieters secret weapon. This is thanks to their ability to turn healthy (and typically quite often bland) food in to something that tastes good.

A Good Chipotle Paste Can Make Food Epic

There are many cheap chipotle pastes on the market which unfortunately can only be described as ok. In order to achieve a price point they use small amounts of chipotle and bulk the paste out with ingredients such as tomato puree. For the home chef this results in a pretty disappointing experience. 

Having visited Mexico, we knew that a good chipotle paste had the ability to make food epic so we set out to make the very best chipotle paste.

The result was Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste.
Gran Luchito Smoked Chipotle Paste

The Pasilla Oaxaca Chilli,  Even Smokier Then A Chipotle

On our travels in Mexico we discovered the Pasilla Oaxaca Chilli. A close cousin to the chipotle, it characteristic differences were that it’s more smoky and less spicy. Two things which we thought would make an epic product. 

Not content with just using the best quality ingredients we also decided to make the product in Mexico using traditional (a cooking techniques. Following tradition our chillies are deseeded and toasted. This enhances the flavour by making them aromatic (in a similar way to toasting spices) and removes the bitterness of the seeds. 

We then grind the chillies and blend them with caramelised onions/ garlic, balsamic vinegar, salt, spices and a dash of agave syrup.

The result, a far superior product to the average chipotle paste. But don’t just take our word for it check out all the lovely reviews that our customers have written about Gran Luchito.

 Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste can be found around the world in shops that have extremely good taste.

Look below to find your nearest stockist.  

Happy Cooking!


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