Voodoo Ray's special pizza with Gran Luchito

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Voodoo Ray Gran Luchito Special

In case you haven’t already heard of the wonderful Voodoo Ray’s, they do “pizza by the oversized slice” in Dalston and more recently, Box Park in Shoreditch.

We went along to sample their most recent addition to the specials board, the excellently named “Grow a Pear” which features our very own Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste.

Voodoo Ray's Adds Gran Luchito Special

The pizzas at Voodoo Ray’s are big. 22″ discs of beautifully crafted creations come out of their ovens and get divided up into generously large slices. They’ve got all sorts of toppings too, with a selection of tasty sounding regular menu items.

We kicked things off with a nice slice of King Tubby, a beautiful combination of fennel, spicy sausage and caramelised onion, all a-top their delicious base that not only tastes great, but also offers all the support you need from a slice this big…a lesser dough would make eating here a messy business. We also tried their lemon granita which we’d highly recommend.

Voodoo Ray's Adds Gran Luchito Special

But we hadn’t made our way across town from Luchito HQ to taste their regular menu items, delicious as they were. We were here for their specials board.

More specifically we were here for one item on their specials board featuring our very own version of a Chipotle Paste.
Reading the ingredients listed on their specials wall, we were very ready to “Grow a Pear” and dig in to our second slice of the day.

Voodoo Ray's Adds Gran Luchito Special

Having weasled our way into the Voodoo Ray’s kitchen, we watched in amazement as head chef Fin prepared one of the biggest pizzas we’ve ever seen. Having topped it with napoli sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, caramelised pears, smoked pancetta and walnuts, he slid it into the oven.
About 6 minutes later, golden-crusted and cooked to perfection, it was topped with crumbled stilton, fresh rocket leaves and a relish made with our Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste.


Voodoo Ray's Adds Gran Luchito Special

It wasn’t long before we got what we came for. No sooner had it been taken out of the oven and finished off, we were handed a slice and promptly tucked in. There are lots of flavours and textures going on here and they work amazingly well together.

The sweetness of the pear and the fresh peppery rocket contrasts beautifully with the stilton and smoked chilli, with a lovely crunch provided by the walnuts. Well done guys, this was certainly worth skipping the afternoon at Casa Luchito for. We’ll be back for sure!


Voodoo Ray's Adds Gran Luchito Special

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