Meet the team at Gran Luchito

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Meet The Team

We thought it’d be nice to introduce the team here at Gran Luchito HQ (Casa Luchito). We are small dynamic team of foodies full of energy and a passion for delicious chilli products. 

Fergus Chamberlain
El Capitan

Meet the team

The brains behind the operation. Fergus began Gran Luchito after an inspirational trip to the South of Mexico where he first came across the wonderful flavour of the Pasilla Oaxaca smoked chilli. There aren’t many things this man won’t add chilli to. You can read how it all started here

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:
“I spread the mayo on thick sourdough toast then top it with a smashed avocado and a poached egg.
Brunch sorted”

Alex Prior

El Comunicador

Meet the team

Like the rest of the team, Alex is a keen home cook and produces all the recipes for the Gran Luchito website. Several trips to Mexico have given him a real passion for the country, so working at Gran Luchito was a match made in heaven. Besides his kitchen creations, Alex takes care of social media at Casa Luchito.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:
Marinating salmon steaks in the honey mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce is top of my list

Sanjay Malkani
Sales Amigo 

Meet the Team

Sanjay is a young fun sales amigo, who love spicy food! Sanjay supports sales and collaborates with many of the wonderful retailers which stock luchito products. 

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:
“I combine the smoked chilli paste with classic Southeast Asian flavours to create Zesty Lime Prawns”

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