Best burgers in London with Gran Luchito

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The Gran Luchito Guide To The Best Burgers In London

Gran Luchito has this week been on a mission to find some of the best burgers in London. With a budget of no more than £10 for each meaty treat and chips, we set out to sample some of the most celebrated burger joints in town. We aimed to get a nice balance between the classics and some of the trendier places on the embarrassment of riches that is London’s burger scene.

So where did we go?

Lucky Chip

Cheeseburger with fries at Lucky Chip

Cheeseburger @ Lucky Chip

Where: Seabright Arms, Hackney (E2)

Why: Well established and consistently dubbed one of London’s finest.

Well: We ordered the Cheeseburger with French Fries which came in at £9.50. Presented in true fast-food fashion on a paper plate, the burger itself didn’t disappoint. The tasty patty, with beef from Walter Rose & Sons in Wiltshire, was delivered with lettuce, gherkins, American-style cheese, ketchup and mustard. All worked excellently together inside a nice moist brioche bun. The skin-on fries could have been a little crispier but still very satisfying. Safe to say, we were left wanting more.

Honest Burger:

Honest burger at Honest burger

Honest Burger @ Honest Burger

Where: Brixton (SW9), Soho (W1), Camden (NW1), Portobello (W11), Kings Cross (N1)

Why: With new branches popping up all over the place, they must be doing something right.

Well: We were given a warm welcome and swiftly got an order in for their signature Honest burger served with house chips at £9.50. We were pretty blown away by this one. Due to sourcing their meat from the Ginger Pig, they’re able to avoid Westminster laws prohibiting service of rare burgers. We took full advantage and ordered ours medium/rare (served medium as standard). The meat was incredibly juicy and was packed into a brioche bun with smoked bacon, lettuce, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and the star of the show, a red onion relish. The crispy skin-on rosemary salt chips were also spot-on.

The Advisory:

Beetroot, chorizo and jalapeño burger at The Advisory

Cheeseburger with chorizo, jalapenos & beetroot @ The Advisory

Where: Mare Street, Hackney (E8)

Why: A new and highly regarded burger joint.

Well: We ordered the cheeseburger with chorizo, jalapeños, beetroot & fries (£10). Firstly, this place makes huge burgers which are a little tricky to eat (I’m sure some people love that about it). Inside a glorious brioche bun was one thick beef & chorizo patty served pink and juicy. It was topped with a tasty beetroot relish, jalapenos and a very strong cheddar. For me, the cheddar, which wasn’t really melted, was a little too strong and overpowered the other flavours. Still a great burger however, and you certainly won’t be leaving hungry, especially if you pair your burger choice with some of their awesome skin-on fries and tasty beer selection.

Red Dog Saloon/American Sandwiches:

Bacon double cheeseburger at Red Dog Saloon

Bacon Double Cheeseburger @ Red Dog

Where: Hoxton Square (N1)

Why: Classic US style burgers

Well: Arguably not the trendiest burger joint in London at present but stood up well. Ordered a bacon double cheeseburger with fries (£9.75) and left very happy. The two patties were thin and juicy, although they could have been served a little more on the rare side for me. These are apparently seared and steamed. The smoked bacon provided great depth to the burger and the American style plastic cheese does what it does perfectly. A host of other toppings (gherkin, lettuce, a strange little tomato, fried onion and mayo) all came together to deliver a tasty whole, held together with a nice brioche bun. They offer takeaway from Red Dog American Sandwiches.

Burger Bear:

Grizzly bear at Burger Bear

Grizzly Bear @ Burger Bear

Why: Great little operation making amazing burgers named after bears.

Where: R3D Market (EC2) & The Old Nun’s Head (SE15)

Well: We strayed a little here as no chips featured in the meal, but we couldn’t resist this place. We went for the Grizzly, a perfectly seasoned patty with smoked bacon and Burger Bear’s famous bacon jam (available on their website). What a treat this is. Perfectly cooked patty with a lot of flavour.

All this burger tasting was far from just an excuse to indulge ourselves. We were actually conducting research into how we could create the ultimate Gran Luchito burger, taking our favourite elements from all those sampled. We’d also love to hear your thoughts on what is so obviously such a subjective topic. Tell us where you’ve been and what was so flipping good about it!

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